NEWS 2006-09

check "music" for new mp3 files
(stream & download) old demo tapes,
thx to Martin & David
- 09. sept. 09

biography, discography
& email-id
- 27. aug. 09

working on my official 'ARTIST' status
- 16. aug. 09

inspiration, south africa, cape town,
table mountain, p.e., gordons bay, camps bay,
edelbrand, leo & simba, chocolate, kcapespresso,
land rover defender, chana benni, prison diary, N2,
cooling towers, fifa soccer world cup 2010,
guitar, recording, virgin active, sun, rain,
garden route, beach, wilderness, knysna, artscape...
- 26. july 09

enjoy the "new face" -
launching the updated
and website
thanks to Martin & Sebi at Netzteil Ltd!
you guys rock!
- 19. june 09

it takes longer than expected to
update the website... well, there
are lot of other things to do...
- 09. june 09

"Maya" welcome on planet earth
- 28. may 09

due to unexpected possibilities
there is no chance to update this site
within the next couple of weeks -
thanks for your understanding
- 29. april 09

aurasiege no longer exists
chapter closed
- 20. april 09 update will follow soon
a creativ break for 'as'...
- 26. march 09

working on a new website for 'aurasiege'
& a new face for
- 02. march 09

pre-production on the weekend, was funny &
we had a great time
- 23. feb. 09

don't talk, listen!
- 08. feb. 09

62kg, only, but in great shape
- 02. feb. 09

'aurasiege', great music, great band members...
- 31. jan. 09

concert with 'aurasiege'
- 24. jan. 09

rehearsals for the full length CD with 'aurasiege'
will keep u posted on the progress
- 08. jan. 09




dear friends,
wish u a healthy, happy & prosperous new year 2009
- 29. dec. 08

salam aleikum!
slaw kak Kawan, tschoni, baschi?
shaw bash!
take care!
- 20. dec. 08

take care Alyseé Katan!
- 18. dec. 08

had some hard weeks, wow, the stuff is great - but i should
stop it, i guess
- 12. dec. 08

holá, sister,
have fun, enjoy & take care in Argentina
- 06. nov. 08

uhuu, almost 70kg - let's see what remains...
- 01. nov. 08

thanks, Stefan ('socadia') for the invitation
was great @ hangar7, nice girls, cool party
- 26. oct. 08

am too cool to go back to school, am a student for life anyway,
great chance to study but i prefer the 'real' life
- 10. oct. 08

concerts with 'aurasiege'
some health would be great...
- 05. oct. 09

thanks to Thomas Antonio Rolle & his dear family,
thanks to Mr. Nixon, sir!
- 11. sept. 08

ciao Lorenzo,
spero tu stai bene, ti auguro una buona settimana, ci vediamo, a presto
please say 'ciao' to Davide, you guys r cool!
- 04. sept. 08

Gaby, u r great & i guess you know that!
was so happy to see you & look forward to meet you again soon
- 28. aug. 08

hey LAMA guys, was good to see u again (Core, Peter, Michael, ...)
thx Camilo + your mother!
thx to Christoph (part time roomie)
- 12. aug. 08

thanks to A. Krautgartner, hope to see you again, you rock!
- 31. july 08

am touring California, USA again (from july to september)
- 9. july 08

after 8,5 years keeping my drumsticks on my belt, wearing it
every single day, i no longer share these same views & believes
so u won´t see me again with them, 4 now, u never know
- 1. july 08

thanks to my kurdish brother K. Saied
you r a real brother, thanks to your family, too!
- 2. june 08

how about training in Turkey... got my 3rd student degree
thanks to Sifu Bahri, had a great time!
thanks to Sihing E. Dogan (now Sifu, too!), was a great experience,
will never forget that, thanks to your family, too (brothers, uncles, ...)
- 31. may 08

namascaram Rakesh,
was great to have you here in austria, hope you had a cool time with us,
well, we had... remember Beethoven, Mozart, castles, music, ...!
- 30. april 08

... and who do you think runs the blue danube trading company
slaw kak Daban, slaw kak Kawan! tschoni, baschi?
- 16. april 08

lower austria, how strange is that? 'Brand' my second home...? 'never!' i'd say
- 10. march 08

still fighting... WT rules!
thanks to Sihing E. Dogan
- 28. feb. 08

got a scholarship at the vienna music institute (vmi)
- 07. feb. 08

missed to update tours & clinics... won't do that later, am sure of that...
the memories r saved in my mind (how long is a different story...)
- 31. jan. 08

thx to Mr. Mani (have fun with your new drum kit!)
- 25. jan. 08

thx to Rajhesh Vaidhya
21. jan. 08

update on my work here in india...
played with Balabhaskar (violin), Keith Peters (bass), M.S. Lavanya (sax),
Matanoor Sankarankutty (chenda)...
- 17. jan. 08

concerts for Soorya Krishnamoorthy & the 'bhima'-family
- 11. jan. 08

had concerts in cochin & studio work i chennai already...
its just great here & i do not look forward to come back home
played with some of the greatest artists here in india
thanks & remember the waves
thanks to master karuna moorthy for all your support
thanks to kiran at bhima, was great to see you again
thanks to yotam at clementine studios (earthsync)
take care, guys
- 05. jan. 08




merry x-mas

i wish you a healthy, happy & prosperous new year 2008
all the very best, take care and remember the waves
- 24. dec. 07

am currently touring india
live concerts & studio work
dates will follow on tours & clinics
- 23. dec. 07

this weekend i leave my home again - america is calling
& india is waiting!!!
- 14. oct. 07

moving to L.A. would be great... step by step
- 10. oct. 07

will start my master studies soon...
- 09. sept. 07

"heavy machinery
fashioned economy
connecting people day by day
contract as you have seen
world wide synchronized wheel
profane daily routine..."
still waiting for that call...
- 15. aug. 07

WTEO is great!
thanks for the lessons to Sihing H. Mavec
... that´s just the beginning!
- 07. aug. 07

met my master, R. Karuna Moorthy &
learned a lot - again!
thanks to you for everything!!!
special thanks to Master Matanoor Sankarankutty
hope to see you soon - maybe in india...?
hi to Atti & Anandu from sven uncle - see you & take care
- 29. july 07

check out
this is a company with its own record label, publishing & distribution dept.
i hope i get the time and chance to record my first solo album soon
but for now i have enough to do with planning my future life
... will keep you updated - just check this site and you will be
one of those who know...
- 07. july 07

the last months i had to take various examinations - which i passed
now it is time for me to move away; to move forward
see you there and keep in touch, shoot me some emails
and please check my site regularly - it may be the only chance
to get in touch with me!!!
- 22. june 07

greetz to all the BSA guys - thanks to my room mates and new friends!!
special thanks to Dr. Martina Herget!!!
... you know a lot, thanks for sharing!!
- 17. june 07

had some great weeks, more or less!
turbulences, i can tell!
would like to thank CHIEF P.J. at ISBO Europe
for great lessons & a very inspiring time
greetz to my room mates there
and to all the ISBO brothers round the world
see ya soon, take care...
- 11. april 07

design update, some new pics and press
stuff (interview, in german only) -
soundfiles and samples will follow...
give me the time to show you how
i sound...
- 07. feb. 07

this site will be updated soon!
check it frequently!
- 27. jan. 07

after the rain... back again
experience counts
currently working on future projects - i find myself more
and more on my way to the next level... maybe L.A.?
we will see what comes next!
take care!
- 19. jan. 07




thanks for your patience and your understanding, guys!
the last weeks were difficult for my family and me
but with your help we´ll be back... soon
stronger than ever - stronger than all
find concert updates in the tours & clinics section
- 03. oct. 06


my sister Lorraine died in Changchun, China, on the 29th of July 2006
- 17. aug. 06


Free Your Soul, Lorraine

will always belong
to what you have done
just all lives long
and why...
it's so easy to fail
why do we have to learn from falling down...
...even though some keep lying on the ground...


* 14.03.1984



had a wonderful time in Los Angeles, California
made a lot of new friends whom i shall greet herewith -
u know who u r!
am now back home and again very busy but will update my website
the next days, as well as adding some new pics to the gallery
all the best, take care
- 18. july 06

drums & percussion magazine (germany) wrote a tiny article about
my website and published the link in their latest issue
greetings to the guys there and thanks for your support!
- 10. july 06

long time, no see... updates will follow as soon as i am back home in europe
thx for your patience
- 27. june 06

met with master Zakir Hussain in Los Angeles. he played at Royce Hall,
UCLA Campus. the concert was amazing and it was great to meet again.
made some pictures; the gallery will be updated by the end of june/july.
so far, so good. watch, listen, speak.... (less?)
- 06. may 06

thanks for your mails, please be patient with me answering your
questions. am still busy in California, USA.
tour updates will follow as well as some new pics.
take care!
- 26. april 06

'do what you say what you think' means
you do what you say what you think - so,
think what you say what you do!
if you first think before you say something (that results in action,
in doing sthg.) than we'd live in a better world. period.
- 10. march 06

my sister Yvonne and my dear friend Martin had the honour to meet
Master Zakir Hussain after the 'remember shakti' concert in Vienna.
they talked about this and that at the hotel lobby and presented him our
'blossoms and jackdaws' DVD - they took some pictures, too.
hopefully we'll see some at the 'gallery' soon!
thanks to Zakir & outstanding 'Remember Shakti'
- 08. march 06

played my first session (with John Ziegler - git, Jamie Kime - git,
Chris Roy - bass, et alii) at the famous 'baked potato'!
...amazing - great guys, thanks to you!
had a cool week, playin' & listenin' a lot...
- 04. march 06

am currently in Pasadena, CA, USA from 23rd february until 27th of june for studies,
jam sessions and hopefully studio work!
- 25.feb.06

will be touring with 'Mr. Knopfs Monkey' in the second half of 2006.
Dates TBA
- 22.feb.06