dw drumkit

- 18x20 BD with May mirco AKG D112
- 13x16 (floor) tom
- 11x14 tom
- 09x12 tom
- 08x10 tom
- 07x08 tom

snare drum

- 5,5x12 craviotto


- dw 9000 series


- Zildjian (official artist)

13" A Custom Hihat
(15" + 17" A Custom Fast Crash)
14" K Custom Dark Crash
17" K Custom Dark Crash
18" K Custom Dark Crash
20" K Custom Dark Ride
(21" K Custom Special Dry Ride)
17" K China Boy
14" Oriental China Trash
9" Oriental Trash Splash

check out:

- Istanbul

13" sultan hihat

sven proudly uses:

- dw shells and hardware (thanks to John G., Don L., Chris L. and Larry W.)
- zildjian cymbals (thanks to Tina C. and Bob W.)
- remo drumheads (thanks to Brock K., Gary M., Bonnie G.)
- lp percussion (thanks to Jim R., Alfred, Angelo, Steve,...)
- istanbul hihat
- vic firth sticks
- skb cases
- AKG micros (thanks to Garry B.)